Solar Energy

Solar energy services and installations

Solar energy services for home and self-consumption are designed to help households generate their own energy and reduce their dependence on the conventional electricity grid.

Photovoltaic installations for self-consumption

We install photovoltaic panels to supply the energy consumption of a home or company. In this way, dependence on the conventional electricity grid is reduced and contributes to sustainability and long-term economic savings.

Photovoltaic installations for detached houses

Excellent option for isolated homes that do not have access to the conventional electrical network, taking advantage of the sun's energy to produce electricity and supply the energy consumption of the home. These facilities require little maintenance.

Solar pumping installations

Solar pumping installations are an efficient and economical solution for water supply in rural or remote areas. These systems use solar panels to generate power and power the water pumps.

Solar heating installations

Efficient and sustainable alternative for heating homes and buildings. These systems use solar thermal panels to capture solar energy and convert it into heat that is used to heat water or air.

Efficiency and energy savings

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In addition, there are subsidies for self-consumption of up to 50% of the installation available until Dec/31/2023

Casa placas solares

Solar panel maintenance

The maintenance of solar panels is essential to guarantee their efficiency and prolong their useful life. 

Solar panel cleaning

Periodic cleaning of the panels is recommended to avoid the accumulation of dust, leaves or any other dirt that could reduce the efficiency of the solar conversion. 

Electrical system check

It is important to check the electrical system regularly to detect potential problems and make sure that all components are working properly.

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