Procedures and Projects

Processing services and electrical projects

We offer services to clients of procedures and management of electrical bulletins, projects, grant management and file openings that are essential to guarantee the correct functioning of the electrical installations of any building or home.

Management of electrical bulletins

Electrical bulletins are documents that certify that an electrical installation complies with the safety and quality standards required by law. Managing these procedures is essential to ensure that the electrical installation is in good condition and does not pose any risk to the people who use it.

Electrical projects

Electrical projects are detailed plans that describe how the electrical installation of a building or home will be carried out. The management of these projects is key to ensuring that the electrical installation is adapted to the specific needs of each client and complies with legal and safety requirements.

Grant management

It is important to note that there are different aids and subsidies aimed at promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in electrical installations. The proper management of these subsidies can mean significant savings for customers and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Opening of files

The opening of electrical files is a necessary procedure for any electrical installation that is carried out in a building or home. The correct management of these files is essential to guarantee that the installation complies with current regulations and that it is carried out safely and efficiently.

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