Electrical Services

Electrical installations and new supplies

We offer a wide range of electrical power solutions for commercial and residential customers.

Electrical installations

We offer electrical installation services for new construction projects or renovations.
From planning to implementation, our team will work with you to ensure that your needs and expectations are met.

We strive to be efficient in our response times, while maintaining the highest quality and complying with electrical codes and safety regulations.

New electrical supplies

In addition to our electrical installations, we also provide electrical supply services.
From managing electrical energy through solar panels to integrating renewable energy sources into your electrical system, we work to find solutions that are economical and sustainable.

We make sure that the electrical supplies we provide are safe and in compliance with local codes and regulations.



At Editec Solar we are collaborating agents with the company Endesa,with which we can effectively study your electricity bill and discuss the options you have to improve your electricity supply contract and pay less on your electricity bill permanently.

Efficiency and energy savings

Investing in electrical maintenance services can save money in the long run by preventing costly problems and ensuring the safety of people and buildings.

Ahorro instalación eléctrica

Maintenance of electrical installations

Electrical installation maintenance services are essential to ensure the safety and proper functioning of any building or property that is connected to the electrical supply. These services may include regular inspections, emergency repairs, upgrades and improvements to the existing electrical system, and the installation of new electrical lines as needed.

Regular inspections

Emergency repairs

Electrical system update

Maintenance of electrical installations for companies

Preventive maintenance is especially important to avoid serious and costly problems in the future. This may include regularly checking electrical connections, replacing worn parts, cleaning electrical panels, and carrying out safety tests on the entire electrical system.

Electrical installation maintenance services can be hired by homeowners, businesses, and organizations.

We offer the best service in electrical installation

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