Air Conditioning

Air conditioning services and facilities

We offer air conditioning and air conditioning installation and maintenance services. This equipment is essential to ensure the comfort and well-being of people in homes and businesses.

Instalación Aire Acondicionado

Air conditioner installation

Installing an air conditioning system requires careful planning and selection of the proper equipment.

Our professionals in charge of this task will study the characteristics of the building, the needs of the users and the performance and energy efficiency requirements of the system to offer you the best solution for your needs.

Efficiency and energy savings

Finance your air conditioning installation now.

We adapt the cost of your budget to tailor-made financing, with the best conditions and everything managed by Editec Solar.

Instalación aire acondicionado

Air conditioning maintenance

Regular maintenance of air conditioning and air conditioning systems is essential to ensure their proper functioning and prolong their useful life.
A poorly maintained system can consume more power than necessary and lead to health problems such as a buildup of dust and bacteria in the system.

Cleaning of air conditioning equipment

Change of air conditioning filters

Compressor Checks

Temperature and humidity settings

We offer the best air conditioning service

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