Aerothermal services and facilities

Aerothermal energy is a technology that uses the heat of the air to provide heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning in the home. This system works through a heat pump that absorbs heat from the outside air and transfers it inside the house, providing a sustainable and efficient source of heat.

Heat pump: Heating and ACS

We offer a heat pump installation service for heating and ACS, providing a sustainable and efficient heating and hot water solution.

Aerothermal for air conditioning

Aerothermal energy is an excellent option for homes and commercial spaces, providing a solution for air conditioning these spaces.

Efficiency and energy savings

Among the benefits of aerothermal energy are the reduction of energy costs in the long term and energy independence, being able to be combined with other renewable energy systems, such as solar energy, to increase the energy efficiency of the home.

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In addition, there are grants of up to €3,000 for changing the aerothermal boiler available until Dec/31/2023

Instalación de aerotermia

Maintenance of aerothermal installations

The maintenance of aerothermal equipment is essential to guarantee its efficiency and prolong its useful life.

Component review

It is recommended to carry out a periodic review of the mechanical and electrical components of the system to avoid further damage to the system and ensure its safe and efficient operation.

Cleaning and level control

It is also recommended to clean the filters and measure the control of the pressure and the level of the refrigerant, carried out by an expert, for the correct operation of the equipment.

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