Installation of Renewable Energy for the Home

We install solar panels throughout the province of Alicante and surroundings.

Save on your home or business electric bill

Cost-effective solutions in electricity

We offer a variety of cost-effective solutions for installing renewable energy in your home or business, from solar panels to LED lights. These solutions not only reduce energy costs in the long run, but also help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the environment.

Paneles Solares Editec

Get your free consultation

We carry out a preliminary study to see the consumption needs of your home or company and offer you the best budget to guarantee energy savings.

Editec Solar Services

Editec Solar Services

Take advantage of this opportunity to switch to renewable energy and save on electricity. We offer customized solutions to your needs.

Home Appliances

Tailor-made financing

Finance your installation now!!

We offer special financing for installations of photovoltaic energy, aerothermal energy, air conditioning and electrical appliances.

We have the best financing system tailored to each need, with the best conditions and all managed by Editec Solar.

Financiación a medida de paneles solares

Fulfilled projects

We show you the recent projects carried out by Editec Solar in the installation of solar panels, aerothermal energy, air conditioning and electrical installations.

Installation of solar panels

Energía Solar Zonas Rurales

Instalación Paneles Solares

Paneles Solares Zonas Rurales

Paneles Solares En Viviendas

Solar Energy Homes

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